Happy April!!!

Hellllo, Gemversers! I hope all my minions are doing well on this Tuesday!!

I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a happy April!! Unfortunately, April isn't starting off with the "big bang!" I'd hoped it would as we were short of the goal for the super fun April Fools Show. However, you guys did quite well and to show thanks we will be having a fun show with several free aspects tonight. :D 

Tonights show will be a "Treat or Prank" show where YOU guys choose how the show goes! I'll either be "PRANKED" into an icy cold wet T-Shirt bath or I'll be "TREATED" to a relaxing warm bath w/ soapy bubble teases! Either show will be followed with a warm, dry orgasm after ;D.  You guys choose by tipping for the one you want! 99T for me to be TREATED and 111T for me to be PRANKED! You can "vote" as many times as you like, and offline tips count! So get to voting! tip.gemmamarie.net 

I hope you guys will come hang out with me this Tuesday evening and have some fun giggles on April Fools. You boys better prepare yourselves for a fun April ahead too! Going to be a fun month for everyone!

April Fools Show Update!

Hi guys! Just wanted to update you all!  We are currently at 38% of goal! That pans out to me needing to make 4,000 tokens everyday [including today, Tuesday] until the 31st. Honestly this a normal daily goal for me, especially when I work twice a day.  Which means I am really optimistic and you should be too!  This super ridiculous show could actually happen!

Here's the one rub though. I am genuienly ill tonight and don't think I'll make it online.  So I need epic offline lovins to stay on track. Offline specials today are:

ALL solo content for just 500 tokens.
All photosets for 50 tokens.
All girl/girl content for only 300 tokens.

To boot, I am adding that the tippy top highest tip this month will get a super special package catered to things they like, either baked goods, some other homemade stuff, a disk drive of porn, etc! I'm really excited to see who gets it and who I get to spoil back!! Right now MrJaga holds the high tip at 2000 tokens! :D

The very final thing! Rememver if you don't want to do tokens, Giftrockets to GMarieMFC@gmail.com will also count! I have also added textbooks to amazon that I will need for class. Amazon GCs or buying the textbook will also count towards the count since I will not have to purchase them myself after payday. [which would also be a HUGE help, the sooner the better! Classes start the 1st].


Special! Special! Read All About It!!

Here's the dealio Gemmalanders & Minions....

I have a big mother fuckin' goal for this pay check. I got royally ass raped by my university for this upcoming semester which leaves me owing damn near $700. Yup. $700 to them that's not covered by my loans (WHICH IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, but alas, it is what it is now) and the semester starts the first week of April. So I need to magically pull that cash outta my butt fast & since Sir Serbie (my car) needed work last month, my savings are completely and 100% gone. Between that and textbooks for school- well. You get the picture. I'm in some deep bull kaki.  Getting to the point, making token goal right now is more important than it has been in a very. very long time.  

So, here's the fun part. I acknowledge I have a huge goal and to help entice a little extra tippage, other than fun sales that will be coming up in the next week, I'm offering a super special, super fun, super free April Fools show that hopefully you all will enjoy! 

Here's my retarded ass sign for it (explanation to follow):


General fact is that this show is going to be pretty fucking hilarious and epic, and with some added sexy spice too, I promise!

If we make goal, On April Fools day during my EVENING SHOW I will:

Pie whatever body part my HIGHEST SINGLE TIP tipper deems pieable- or just smear that shit everywhere if they can't decide! 
Take a freezing plunge into an ICE BATH. Yup. I'm gonna fill a fucking kiddie pool with ice... and dunk myself...a few times.

Plus, I will have an edging show of sexiness, where my HIGHEST CUMULATIVE TIPPER OF MARCH will get to choose whether or not I actually reach O that night.
On top of all this, anyone who tips during March will get a recorded copy of the nights goodiness.  So you don't even have to be present to witness the awesomeness that will be this evening.

Also important to note is that all activities this evening are noncontingent on any tips that night. They will happen at no token cost.  Also important to note is that GiftRockets will also be counted towards this goal! So, if that's the route you want to go simply send a GR to GMarieMFC@gmail.com with a little note about how much you can't fucking wait for hilariety to ensue.  

Right this moment, we are sitting at only 21.5% of goal. I'll be on everyday (with perhaps the exception of tonight, but who knows) to make this shit happen, so I hope you'll join me in the epic push towards....epicnessssss.

As always, I leave you with this snippet of sexy.


Fostering a New Pooch!!

Hidy-Ho, Gemma-landers! :D

I hope this Tuesday is serving you all well. I just got my belly FULL of Mexican deliciousness (there are some things that are good about living where I do!.

So, here's the dealio, yo! Okay, i'll stop talking like that... 


I have put in my application and have been accepted to foster great danes for a great dane rescue!!  I'll be doing this in addition to the local rescue group I foster for.  But here's the bit of the rub with this, I have a great dane coming on SATURDAY and am not nearly prepared! I *really* need some elevated dog bowls and a dog bed for the girl I'm getting- She is elderly for a dane at 5 years and these two things especially would make her life a lot better while she is here.  

I started an amazon wishlist  -- http://amzn.com/w/1JTRXDBX9LLL6 --you'll have to copy & paste-- for these things. There's also a crate on there, which may or may not become necessary depending on how she gets along.  I am begging right now, I really could use these items for this girl as the rescue group is also low on funds/supplies and they would be charitable contributions for you! Tax write-offs YEA! When I am no longer fostering danes, I would be donating any items I had for them to the rescue group.  If you can't afford that mugh (believe I KNOW it's asking a lot!- amazon GCs to GMarieMFC@gmail.com work just as well and get me closer to affording them on my own!!

Plus, I'll send you porn in exchange for them!  and I'd be eternally grateful to you for helping me help these pooches.  This dane is coming straight out of a high-kill shelter because her family surrendured her because they didn't want to pay to keep her anymore. I swear I will never some people! Okay, so tha'ts my plea! Help me, help these poor babies!!


As always, here have some Gemma photo :D

February 24th Cam Schedule!!!

Hey guys!

This week I will be doing my cam schedule by day because I have some training to do this week and I haven't been told when that will be!

Monday's schedule! MFC in the AM, Chaturbate in the early afternoon! 
**Note that this is in Mountain Time. Adjust as needed for your time zone**


I hope you guys will come join me as I ring in my new day cam schedule!!